Complete Dog Sanitation Station for 60% OFF- WOW

A Complete Dog Sanitation system usally consists of a bag dispsner, instruciton sign, a post and a disposal can- and the competition sells it for $390.

“The Affordable Pet Waste Solution”

This Commercial Grade Aluminum Dog Waste Station includes everything you need in a Pet Waste Station but, at more than half of the price of the leading Sanitation Station, that’s right, more then Half Off the price.

Each complete Station includes:

- The Post
- Sign
- Sign Bracket
- Bag Dispenser – Single Pull Dispenser or Roll Bag (same price)
- Large Waste Can w/ Lock & Key
- 50 Waste Can liners (one full box)
- 600 Waste Bags (one full box, roll or single bags)
- All hardware included
-Includes a w/ Lock & Key for bag Dispenser security
- Complete Instructions

This is and incredible value and built with no-corroding commercial grade aluminum.  Don’t pay twice as much for lesser quality,  Go to the experts at Dog Playground Equipment.

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