Puppy Love!

Dogs at Dog Park

.....and they call it puppy love.

Dogs love the dog park – the outdoors, the smells, the plants, the dog playground equipment. But what they really love is the other dogs!

Like people, some dogs don’t get along with others – that’s not common, though.  Most dogs like to be around other dogs, frolicking in the grass and having fun.

Once in a while, a true relationship is formed at the dog park.  At first we thought it might just be a one-off situation where these two dogs just gravitated toward each other. But, then when both the dogs saw( or smelled) each other again, they started courting each other again. On the 3rd , 4th and 5th times we knew it was much more – it was pure puppy love.

Dog parks give dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, we all know that. Sometimes, though, a real love connection is made. Give your dog the opportunity at love….. or at the very least some good smell time.

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3 Responses to Puppy Love!

  1. 304521441 says:

    Animols also have their love,but now many pets are just kept at home and can’t go out even several days,but they still have a strong desire to love!

    • G.Bowers says:

      I don’t like that they have put so many restrictions on the dogs world. A dog has feelings and reactions just a human being. My thing is you need to know your dog and let them know you. They are the best love partner you could ask for. When I first my husband I had a dog and he would tell you in a flat second that I would get rid of him before I would that dog. That was true. The dogs loves you in a unconditionable love.

  2. lianeobrien says:

    SOOO CUTE !!! awwww… i have a 1 and a half year old mastiff love dogs my bro has a english bull dog, but he is grumpy as his face looks like lol.

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