Dog Park Drinking Fountain #DOGPARK

Pet Fountain

Your and your Dog can refresh and hydrate

Our most popular drinking fountain with the Pet Fountain attachment.  The pet attachment has a “slow drain” that allows for dogs to easily drink from the stainless steel bowl.

These fountains are made of stainless steel and then powder coated for a product that will stand up to weather and time. don;t all for the fiberglass units that wear out in a year or two.

We also have great Park Benches for the Dog Park .

Building a Dog Park? We would be happy to help you design a complete Dog Park Solution that will fit within your budget.  Call 800-853-5316 and one of our playground consultants will help you create park your dog will be proud to play in!

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Cyber Monday for Dog Parks?

Your’e darn right there is a Cyber Monday for Dog Parks. go to to see.

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Complete Dog Sanitation Station for 60% OFF- WOW

A Complete Dog Sanitation system usally consists of a bag dispsner, instruciton sign, a post and a disposal can- and the competition sells it for $390.

“The Affordable Pet Waste Solution”

This Commercial Grade Aluminum Dog Waste Station includes everything you need in a Pet Waste Station but, at more than half of the price of the leading Sanitation Station, that’s right, more then Half Off the price.

Each complete Station includes:

- The Post
- Sign
- Sign Bracket
- Bag Dispenser – Single Pull Dispenser or Roll Bag (same price)
- Large Waste Can w/ Lock & Key
- 50 Waste Can liners (one full box)
- 600 Waste Bags (one full box, roll or single bags)
- All hardware included
-Includes a w/ Lock & Key for bag Dispenser security
- Complete Instructions

This is and incredible value and built with no-corroding commercial grade aluminum.  Don’t pay twice as much for lesser quality,  Go to the experts at Dog Playground Equipment.

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Dog Waste Bags for HALF OFF and FREE Shipping!

Our friends at the Park Equipment blog just got the biggest scoop in the Dog Park Equipment this year.

Dog Poop Bags and Dog Sanitation Equipment for at least 1/2 off and FREE Shipping. Click here to read the whole thing!!!! All Bags are guaranteed to fit your current dispenser and our of the same quality and bio-degradable!

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Playground Sale Continues….

There is a huge sale at BYO Playground and there is still time to get the great deals on playgrounds and save thousands of dollars!

Check out the rest at the Playground Blog!

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Great Dog Sanitation Product at half the price of the competition

Dog sanitation equipment can be expensive.  There is a new Dog Sanitation company out there who is selling the bags and disposal units at half the price of the competition.

Read more about it here in the BYO Bollard Blog.

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Puppy Love!

Dogs at Dog Park

.....and they call it puppy love.

Dogs love the dog park – the outdoors, the smells, the plants, the dog playground equipment. But what they really love is the other dogs!

Like people, some dogs don’t get along with others – that’s not common, though.  Most dogs like to be around other dogs, frolicking in the grass and having fun.

Once in a while, a true relationship is formed at the dog park.  At first we thought it might just be a one-off situation where these two dogs just gravitated toward each other. But, then when both the dogs saw( or smelled) each other again, they started courting each other again. On the 3rd , 4th and 5th times we knew it was much more – it was pure puppy love.

Dog parks give dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, we all know that. Sometimes, though, a real love connection is made. Give your dog the opportunity at love….. or at the very least some good smell time.

Morton Water Softener

Check out this cool blog that has been nice enough to help our blog grow.  Click here to read the Park Equipment Blog.

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What’s your Favorite Dog Park?

What Dog Park do you like the most, send us the location and any pictures and we will feature your dog park in our Nationally Ranked Blog. Just send us the name, location, any images of the amenites and a brief description on why you think it is great.

A great dog Park man not necessarily have all of the dog obstacle course products that we show here. It may not even have a dog drinking fountain.  The thing we hear so often is that the Dog Park is great based on the people and dogs that regularly frequent the park.

So, send us a note by making a comment to this post or eamil us your dog park info to

We cannot guarantee that will will post your dog park but, we will spotlight as many dog parks as we can. Sending us your info ASAP can ensure your dog park being featured.

Check out our friends blog a by clicking here. Also check of the Park Equipment blog here. 

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Why is this Kitty so Angry?????

This Cat is angry that it is National Dog Week

This kitty is so angry becaseu this is National Dog Week.  Every year, the 4th week of September is National Dog Week and we at the Dog Park Blog are are celebrating this week in Grand Style. Everyday this week we are going to be posting Dog Park tips, dog obstacle course products, Dog Sanitation info and anything else we can think of.

If you have anything you would like us to cover in this blog, please let us know.

Click here to Check out the Bleachers for sale blog

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Whoa, it’s still really Hot here

Stay cool

Here in Florida it’s still really hot. Even if it has cooled down in your area, remember that dogs have different temperature setting then we humans have. With their fur, they can be as much as 10 degrees hotter then us.  So, keep in mind your dog’s temp and make sure you provide them with plenty of Cold water.

Does your dog park a have a drinking fountain with a pet attachments for dog to re-hydrate?  If not, ask why.  This fountain is more important than obstacle course equipment and other non-essential dog park items.  The only item that is on par with the importance of a Dog Drinking Fountain is a the Dog Sanitation clean up stations.

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